Zach Sharpe

12388025_10153794149557604_1501464302_nPosition: President & Forecaster
Hometown: Norwalk, Iowa
Current Residence: Ames, Iowa
Years Chasing: 6

Zach Sharpe is the president and forecaster for the Iowa Storm Chasing Network®. Growing up in the suburbs of Des Moines, Sharpe is no stranger to Iowa weather. After graduating from high school, he then went on to Iowa State University. His passion for weather started in his middle school years, but quickly escalated after an EF-2 tornado passed within yards of his house in June 2007.

Sharpe joined the Iowa Storm Chasing Network® team in February of 2013 after storm chasing with ISCN’s Ben McMillan. He has developed much of ISCN’s social media client base by providing daily forecast updates and engaging with followers. Sharpe began duties as a social media weather content producer for KCCI Television in Des Moines, Iowa in Spring of 2015. In May of 2016, Sharpe accepted a job offer at WeatherNationTV, where he continues to work today as social media producer. When Sharpe is not interacting with digital followers, he visits schools to inspire school children in their pursuit of science and weather.


In his free time, Sharpe likes to stay involved with his community. He enjoys getting out and visiting with all of the great people that he meets along the way.

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