You Don’t Need Storms to Do Damage

buildingcollapse2 That’s something two men in northwest Iowa learned today.  Workers at a construction site became trapped after the structure in the image to the left collapsed.  The cause? Strong winds.  It happened around 10:30 Wednesday Morning in Rockwell City.  You can see how the building came down in this picture taken by the Graphic Advocate in Rockwell City.

mesonet_1500 Fortunately there’s no indication the two workers suffered life-threatening injuries, but it serves as a valuable reminder.  Winds at the time of the collapse were gusting over 30mph.  While that doesn’t sound serious, it can be a problem if you’re working on a structure like this. 

Often times, depending on the conditions, winds can reach hurricane force levels without a cloud in the sky.  That, of course, is extremely rare in Iowa but wind gusts occasionally do reach 40-55mph in the state.  Just a reminder that there are things to watch out for even on a beautiful sunny day like today.

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