WXUPDATE: Watch Coming Soon West of Iowa


Northwest Iowa might become the first part of the state to fall under a severe weather watch later tonight.  The Storm Prediction Center is anticipating the development of supercells in South Dakota and Nebraska.

Depending on the window of opportunity, it’s expected tonight’s storms will evolve into a linear line of strong thunderstorms capable of producing strong, damaging winds.  The primary threat of tornadoes is expected to remain west of Iowa, but a twister or two is not out of the question.

The SPC expects to issue a tornado watch for areas to the north and west of Iowa.  Although possible some Iowa counties could fall into this watch, I think it’s more likely they will hold off, examine the storms after they develop and consider whether to issue a separate Thunderstorm Watch for parts of western Iowa later this evening.

These storms will eventually move on to the east and through Iowa.  It’s unclear how strong these storms will remain through the overnight hours. 

As we reported earlier, this all plays a role in our threat for severe weather tomorrow.  Southeast Iowa stands the best chance for strong storms on Friday, but tonight’s weather could change that.

Stay with us for more on tonight’s threat as we monitor the latest conditions out west.

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