WXALERT: Worst Case Scenario for Monticello and Hopkinton

UntitledtableThe National Weather Service is urging people in Delaware and Jones County along or near the Maquoketa River to prepare for the worst this morning.  They are preparing for the imminent failure of the Hartwick Lake Dam.  At last report the earthen berm next to the dam is sagging and is in danger of failing at any moment.  NO water is getting past the dam yet.

Here’s the worst case scenario for Hopkinton… If the dam does fail, much of the town from the river up to 3rd street Highway 38 would flood.  In Monticello… flood waters would affects parts of the town between the river and Highway 38. 

This is all happening after 10-15” of rain fell over a 48 hour period upstream from the Lake.   Manchester, Dyersville and Independence are all reporting record flooding right now.

This is an EXTREMELY dangerous situation.  If the dam were to break, these two towns would see a flood wave that would rapidly increase the depth of size of the flooded area in a matter of minutes.  People in these areas need to take all precautions!  We’ll continue to bring you the latest here.  And if you have photos from the flood, email us at [email protected]

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