WXALERT: Winter Weather Advisory Posted for Much of Eastern Iowa

UntitledWith this morning’s run of computer models pinning down some slightly higher snow totals, the National Weather Service has opted to go with a Winter Weather Advisory for portions of eastern Iowa.  You can see the area affected by this advisory to the right shaded in blue.  This advisory generally goes into effect this afternoon and runs until the early morning hours of Thursday.  Snow is expected to overspread the area this afternoon and produce light to moderate amounts over a 12-18 hour period.

As of yesterday, forecasters decided not to issue an advisory because it appeared the 1-4” of snow expected would fall over a long period of time, reducing the problems for travelers.  But with forecasted totals increased to 3-6” and stronger snow bands expected around the evening rush hour period, the NWS decided to sound the alarm.  Roads could become slick this afternoon, especially after sunset as travel picks up and snow begins to accumulate on area roads.

We’ll continue to monitor the latest situation and provide updates when needed.  But for now this appears to be a pretty standard winter snow event.  Take common sense precautions when venturing out and there should be little to worry about.  Stay safe!

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