WXALERT: Winter Storm Watch Posted For Dangerous Weekend Storm

watchA Winter Storm Watch has been posted for portions of northern Iowa.  You can see the area affecting highlighted in green in the map to the right.  This watch will go into effect for a storm expected to hit parts of the state beginning Friday Night and last most of the day on Saturday.  It’s expected that moderate to heavy snow will affect this area along with strong gusty winds during the day on Saturday.  It is possible by Friday portions of the watch area could be upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning or a Blizzard Warning.

It’s expected that snow totals in most areas will read 2”-5” with locally higher amounts reaching 8”.  Strong winds on Saturday threatens to produce near zero visibility, black ice on area roads and nearly impassable snow drifts in some areas.  This is a serious situation that needs to be closely monitored by anyone planning on traveling through northern Iowa this weekend.

Further to the south, there are no watches in effect for central and southern Iowa because of uncertainty over the impact of the system.  It’s possible much of the precipitation in this area will fall as rain, freezing rain, sleet or snow.  Any mix bag of precipitation would greatly limit the amount of snowfall this area sees.  Although not under a watch at this time, this area still needs to keep up to date as the storm’s track and intensity can still change in the hours ahead.

We’ll have a full update later tonight on this threatening storm and take a closer look at the timing and what to expect both Friday Night and into the weekend.

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