WXALERT: Watches Posted for Weekend Storm

watchWith blizzard watches and warnings to our west, it was only a matter of time before Iowa got in on the fun.  Fortunately the winds should not be as strong here.  As a result, a good portion of the state is under a Winter Storm Watch.  At this time the main concern is for heavy snowfall between Friday Night and Saturday evening.

Western parts of Iowa appear to be most at risk.  Taking a look at the latest model runs, I’m somewhat concerned about a southern shift in the forecasted track.  If this continues in future projections the forecast could change quite a bit.  For now though we’ll focus on the watch area.  This is where there is the greatest potential of 4”-8” inches of snow with locally higher amounts.

As I said in my previous post, the biggest question mark with this storm system is when and where the rain will change over to snow.  Some projections want to have that happen earlier in the event, which would increase the snow totals in affected areas.  Meanwhile, areas that stay above freezing longer will see little accumulation but a lot of rain.

It’s a very tight line between the two, and very little room for error.  Without getting into too much specifics we’ll stick with the watch for now.  Later today I hope to have a better handle on what we’re dealing with. Either way, this storm will impact a lot of travel plans here in Iowa this weekend so stay tuned.

Below is our new video cast. This is just a test run and we are still determining if we’ll make this a more permanent feature of iowachase.com

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