WXALERT: Slight Shift Brings New Snow Forecast

With a bit of a change  in the forecast, the National Weather Service in LaCrosse and the Quad Cities have now issued their own Winter Weather Advisories.  This affects a number of additional counties in Iowa.  They join counties in central Iowa already under an advisory.

You can see all the affected areas highlighted in blue in the graphic to the left.

The question tonight is now when the changeover to snow will occur.  This will have a drastic effect on how much snow any area may see.  1″-4″ is the general amount for areas under an advisory.  Locally higher amounts remain a possibility.

This isn’t a lot of snow, and in fact, roads may stay too warm for any of it to stick.  Even so, the first snow can catch people off guard and should be taken seriously.  We’ll continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates when needed.  If conditions worsen we’ll consider launching live coverage, but at this time that does not appear warranted.

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