WXALERT: Significant Icing Possible over Southern Iowa

mcd0019Our latest winter storm appears to be wreaking havoc on efforts to forecast for it.  Freezing temperatures at the surface in areas where the atmosphere remains above freezing could produce a dangerous situation over parts of southern Iowa.

As you can see in the graphic to the left, the Storm Prediction Center is monitoring the area highlighted in blue for ice accumulations tonight.  If this were to verify, some areas could see accumulations reaching ice storm criteria.

This would obviously have an impact on travel and would also need to be monitored for possible damage to trees and power lines.  Right now the threat of major damage is minimal, but we will continue to monitor the situation.

This sets the stage for more problems during the day on Tuesday.  We’ll be following those issues as well.  Also of note tonight, on the warm side of this storm system is the threat for severe weather.  In fact, even at this late hour, the SPC is considering a severe weather watch for portions of central Missouri.

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