WXALERT: Hail & Wind Threat Prompts Thunderstorm Watch

ww0187_overview_wouA large thunderstorm that developed over extreme southeast Iowa has prompted the issuance of a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for that area, into Missouri and Illinois.  Thunderstorms are expected to continue firing this evening, bringing with them an organized threat of large hail and strong winds.  A tornado or two cannot be ruled out but is not expected.  The watch will be in effect until 3am Thursday Morning.

These storms could maintain their intensity for several hours as the atmosphere they are entering has been primed all day long for thunderstorm development.  At this time we do not expect a need to launch live coverage for this threat, but will monitor the situation and bring you updates as they come in.

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  1. Want to say a personal thank you to all the storm chasers and God Bless you all for jepeardizing your lives for all of us who do not have as much knowledge as you tornadoe chasers do! Every day that goes buy as we fight of these storms think of you all dayly. One question is is there any perdicuments for Iowa?

    Sincerely Sarah (Researching these storms)

    April 28, 2012

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