Winter Storm Watch Posted, Significant Snow Possible

watchA Winter Storm Watch has been posted for portion of Iowa.  This watch is for the Friday to Saturday afternoon timeframe.  You can see counties under this Winter Storm Watch in the graphic to the right.  It is possible that some areas could be upgraded to a warning by tomorrow morning, especially portions of extreme northeast Iowa.

At this time I believe most areas will stay under the Winter Storm Warning criteria (6+ inches of snow), but some locally higher amounts are possible.  Snow totals should taper off the closer you get to central and southern Iowa.  A line from Cedar Rapids to Waterloo should see closer to 1-3 inches.  Areas northeast of the I-380 corridor can expect 2-5 inches while areas south and west of I-380 see lesser amounts.

This is all part of a storm center expected to take shape just southeast of Iowa.  The latest model runs indicate snow should begin sometime Friday Afternoon across northern Iowa and filter across about half the state during the evening and overnight hours.  Snow should taper off sometime Saturday Morning.

Behind this storms system is very cold air.  If you factor that in with a fresh snow blanket in many areas, temperatures will fall for the first half of next week.  I would not be surprised to see some parts of the state drop below zero for lows Monday or Tuesday morning.

As for the extended period, a couple of storms systems past the December 10th time frame could take shape, but it’s too early to tell where they will track.  It is safe to say virtually anything that comes Iowa’s way in the near future will involve snow.

As for tomorrow’s storm, we’ll continue to track it and bring you the latest developments as they become available.

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