Winter Not Done Yet As Active Weather Pattern Takes Shape

nam_slp_078mSince the crippling blizzard more than two weeks ago, things have moderated here in Iowa.  Temperatures have warmed and much of the snow is now gone.  With March knocking on the door now many are hoping that spring will come with it.  Well…. not yet.

A pattern shift will restart an active weather pattern beginning later this week.  That weather will likely include snow as we head into the coming weekend.  There’s not much to say about this storm yet because there remains a tremendous amount of uncertainty.  At this time it appears the heaviest snow totals would occur in portions of southeast Iowa, however a change in the forecasted path of this storm could change that.

In the long term, a number of storm systems are set to pass through the central United States.  A good reminder that the threat can last well into April here in Iowa.  Getting back to the Thursday/Friday timeframe, we’ll continue to monitor the forecast trends and post updates when needed.  I expect we’ll see some advisories and/or watches posted within the next 36-48 hours.

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