Winter Doldrums? Not for Long

gfs_namer_102_1000_500_thick After a couple of major snow storms this winter, much of February has taken a turn for the pleasant.  Several days with temperatures above freezing which have eliminated the snow pack from a couple of major storms.  To top it all off, we’ve even seen a rumble or two of thunder in recent weeks.  But like any other winter in Iowa, that is never a telltale sign of anything.  Winter is still here and the state will be reminded of that over the next several days.

A number of storm systems are set to roll through the central United States, two of which could have a major impact on Iowa and the rest of the Upper Midwest.  First we need to get Monday out of the way.  A storm system will move into the state, bringing with it the threat of rain and snow.  There’s not a lot of moisture for this system to work with and, as a result, no major accumulations of anything are expected.

Now to ominous storm #1… A storm still off the west coast of the U.S. is expected to swing through Iowa sometime on Wednesday or Thursday.  There has been a lot of changes in the forecasted track of this storm after several model runs earlier had offered some consistency.  That is no longer the case and it’s anyone’s guess as to what may happen.  The storm will begin its march into Iowa late in the day on Wednesday.  There is expected to be a fair amount of moisture available, but there is great uncertainty as to the storm’s track and overall strength.  In fact, there are some indications it could weaken as it draws closer to the region.  Either way, this could be a serious winter storm and certainly bears watching for strong winds and potentially heavy snowfall.

Further out, another storm system is forecast to track through the region.  This one, at this time, appears to be a snow maker.  And that’s a problem, because current trends show this one will have all the moisture it wants.  This could lead to very heavy snowfall over parts of the Midwest sometime between Sunday and Tuesday of next week.

So here’s the bottom line, areas of Iowa, and the rest of the Midwest can expect several rounds of winter weather headlines to dominate their area.  There is too much uncertainty to start assigning numbers to projected snowfall, but there are two storms over the next week to 10 days which could both produce more than six inches.  That threat is enough to prepare for and stay tuned for further updates.

As this mid-week storm inches closer, we’ll get a better idea of what’s in store for us and provide further updates.

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