WINTER COMEBACK: Heavy Snow Possible This Weekend

Our spring-like winter is just about at an end. With many parts of the state now free of snow pack, mother nature is set to replenish Iowa with a lot of fresh flakes. At this time there are no watches, warnings or advisories in effect, but we wanted to give you a little preview of the storm heading our way.

Beginning Friday, rain and snow will overspread the state. Most areas will see rain during the first half of the storm. But there are a lot of variables that will have a major impact on how much snow any given area will see. At this time we expect to see a changeover to snow over much of the state sometime late Friday and into Saturday. A sector of central and northeast Iowa from Des Moines to Waterloo and up towards Decorah currently looks like the most likely place to see heavy snowfall. But again, this all depends on when the changeover to snow occurs.

Also a factor is the potential for severe weather on the southern side of this storm. Strong storms in Kansas and Missouri could cut off moisture here in Iowa and impact rain and snow totals. With all that being said, we also face a very sharp cutoff between significant snowfall and plain old rain south and east of the areas I mentioned earlier. So what does this all mean? It means the snow is coming, but not everyone will get it.

The current thinking is Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and possibly Dubuque will be spared most of the snow. Areas north and west of this area could see anywhere from 2″-8″ of snow with locally higher amounts possible depending, again, on the changeover and moisture available. Further to the northwest towards Fort Dodge and Sioux City precip should fall as all snow but in much lighter amounts.

We will continue to monitor any changes in the forecast and bring you updates once watches are posted, perhaps as soon as Thursday.

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