Will Hurricane Earl Make Landfall? It’s Gonna Be Close

rb-lYou can’t cut it much closer than what North Carolina faces from a monster of hurricane in the Atlantic.  Hurricane Earl has underwent some rather intense strengthening, with sustained winds now at 140mph.  In fact, a hurricane hunter plane passing through the eye wall measured a peak wind gust of 199mph!  This is a very large and very dangerous storm. 

As we mentioned earlier today, warnings and watches are posted for much of the US east coast as forecasters try and pin down the storm’s exact track.  The one bit of good news is the storm is almost tracking due north now, increasing hopes that it will stay away from land.

But even if it does, at this strength, portions of the US will face a rather strong impact from the storm.  Massive swells along the shore, strong winds and heavy rain.  It is possible Earl will make landfall somewhere in the outer banks of North Carolina as a category 4 storm.  It’s still believed it will take an eastward turn before striking the New York and Massachusetts area.  But these sections will still get a glancing blow from the storm, especially the east coast of Massachusetts.

All in all this could be a major disaster or a close call, even at this late hour it’s hard to say.  We’ll monitor the track of Hurricane Earl as it threatens to make landfall sometime tomorrow.  We’ll also be monitoring the threat for severe weather here in Iowa as well.  A busy Thursday in store for sure.

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