Widespread Winter Storm Coming Into View

Untitled As the hours pass and the new model runs come in, we are getting a clearer indication of what may happen during the latter half of this week.  Snow will begin to overspread the Upper Midwest on Wednesday, reaching Iowa by Thursday.  The snow will continue across the area through Friday morning.  When all is said and done, significant snowfall totals are expected, especially in southwest Iowa.

As a result, a Winter Storm Watch has been posted for the entire state of Iowa.  This watch also includes several other states, while portions of Kansas and Nebraska have already been upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning.  This is the area where some of the heaviest snow totals are expected, perhaps flirting with the one foot mark in places. 

Here in Iowa?  Double digit totals are possibly in isolated areas, especially in southwest Iowa.  Central Iowa should see a good spread of 4”-8” with locally higher amounts and eastern Iowa should wind up with 3”-6’”, again, with locally higher amounts.

Of main concern with this storm will be the strong wind gusts, causing the new snowfall to reduce visibilities and make travel very difficult if not impossible across all of Iowa and the rest of the Upper Midwest.  Anyone planning on venturing out Thursday should be advised to make alternative plans.  Hopefully we will see the winds subside during the day on Friday and road crews can begin the long process of clearing the roads.

We will continue to monitor any changes in the forecast and bring you additional information as it comes in.  We are also planning to bring you live video coverage of this storm from across the state so stay tuned!

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