Wide Threat for the Plains, Break for Upper Midwest


We thought we would draw up an outlook today for our fans to the west of Iowa.  A very complex weather system has set up shop across several states.  Iowa is not one of them as a high pressure system should eliminate the threat of severe weather here.

Today’s threat primarily lies across portions of Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma.  This is where several frontal bondaries, as well as leftover outflow could all play a role in severe thunderstorm development this afternoon and evening.  Although an isolated tornado or two is possible, it appears the primary threat today will come in the form of strong, damaging winds.

The Storm Prediction Center is monitoring a number of scenarios which could play out.  They include development along a warm front in areas that manage to build enough instability.  There is also the threat of thunderstorms firing across several outflow boundaries that are left over from last night’s activity.

It’s a very general threat and not one that would pique the interest of a lot of storm chasers.  Even so, dangerous weather is still possible and on this Father’s Day we wanted to get the word out about today’s threat for anyone that may be spending the holiday outdoors.  Remember, whether in Iowa or not, you can always keep up to date with what we’re tracking by liking us on Facebook!

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