When Will We See More Snow?

Iowa 8 to 14 day temperature outlook

This is the first weather update of the new year on iowachase.com. Hope you all had a great 2015! Heading into the new year, we are starting off quiet. Just how long will it stay this way? Well over the next few days, there is not a whole lot to talk about. Today, highs ranged in the upper 20’s to mid 30’s across the state. This is about where we should be for this time of year.

In the newest climatic out look released by the Climate Prediction Center, heading into the 8 to 14 day period, temperatures will actually end up below normal. As seen in the image above, there is a 60 percent chance of temperatures being below normal across the state. This is a good thing when it comes to snowfall.

Iowa 8 to 14 day precipiation outlook

However, on the flip side, during the same period, there is a 33%-40% chance of below average probability of precipitation.

Iowa Snowfall Forecast

The next chance of precipitation looks to occur on Thursday through Saturday. This small stretch of active weather could bring the potential for a wintry mix and even some light snow. Models are not consistent right now, as temperatures will be the biggest influence, so it will be something that we monitor closely.

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Zach Sharpe

Zach Sharpe

My name is Zach Sharpe. I am the president and forecaster for the Iowa Storm Chasing Network. You can find me on Twitter @Stormchaserzach and on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/stormchaserzach/

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