What’s Next? Some Kind of Precip For Sure

gfs_namer_126_1000_500_thick As we prepare for storm #1 Thursday and Friday we wanted to take a moment to look a little further down the road.  For a few days now forecasters have been keeping a brief eye on another storm system set to affect the Upper Midwest sometime during the first half of next week.  While not a lot of attention has been paid to this storm with another one coming before it, we wanted to give you a brief synopsis on what could happen with round #2 next week.

Bottom line, another storm system will move through the region, taking a similar path to the storm currently bearing down on the area.  This one is expected to be a little stronger and tapping into a lot more moisture.  So the big question mark with this storm next week will be the atmospheric conditions.  Primarily, the air mass over a given area and whether that will cause the moisture to fall as rain, ice, snow or some combination of the three.  Of course this will have an enormous impact on any possible snowfall rates that come with it.

There is one factor with this storm system not seen in this week’s edition that could actually limit that seemingly endless supply of moisture.  If the storm strengthens earlier than usual, there is a scenario where strong to severe thunderstorms could develop further south, possibly limiting to the extent the available moisture.  Either way, several inches of snow would still be possible, but more significant totals could be muted by the moisture gobbled up to the south.

To sum it up, there is the potential for significant snowfall for someone in the Upper Midwest next week.  Perhaps in areas further north than this week’s system.  The moisture available for this storm is more than enough for snowfall totals to reach double digits in areas, but with little to no confidence on the final track and the type of precipitation, it is way too premature to begin any estimates for any region or even state.

We will of course continues to monitor this situation, but for now our attention will be on the storm set to impact the Upper Midwest over the next 48 hours.

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