Western Iowa’s Turn as Cold Returns to Midwest

110111After some time with above freezing conditions, cold air returned and with it came more snow.  While northern and eastern Iowa have been the repeated targets of the heaviest snow, this week it was western Iowa’s time to shine.  The heaviest totals were reported in west central Iowa where up to 10 inches fell in some areas. You can see the area affected by this storm in the graphic to the right from Iowa Mesonet.

There are still concerns with some light snow falling today, but the worst overall appears to be over.  Colder air is moving in behind this system as we move into the latter half of the week.  And along with it comes more chances for snow.  At this time it appears the moisture available will not be sufficient to produce any heavy snowfall totals, but instead more of a nuisance.  Several waves of energy could move through the area and we’ll continue to watch that.

The strongest of these waves could affect the state during the latter half of the weekend.  It’s too soon to tell what kind of snow could come from this system so for now just enjoy what’s already fallen and stay warm!

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