We’re Back!

For those of you who were frequent guests of this website I want to thank you for your patience as it has been quite some time since we’ve been back.  Many changes in my career in recent weeks and months have forced me to focus on those ventures.  But with some professional questions now out of the way, we’re back in business and just in time.  Overall, from an extreme weather standpoint things have been VERY quiet for severe weeks across Iowa.

model point #1But this could change in the coming weeks, as the transition to winter weather is underway here in the state.  Short range models show no serious weather concerns for the area, but longer range models depict a couple of storm systems that, if verified, would signal the switchover from a severe weather threat to a winter weather one.

We begin with a storm set to pass across Iowa sometime around Tuesday next week.  This storm could turn into a classic fall storm system, capable of producing severe weather in some areas, and accumulating snow fall in others.  Where this weather might fall is extremely uncertain as the long range models have had a difficult time really sniffing out storm systems so far out.  Even so this pattern bears serious watching.

model point #2Another storm system that may arrive in Iowa within a couple of weeks certainly looks like a game changer.  With Iowa knocking on the door of more wintry conditions, this storm could set that in stone, bringing with it much cooler conditions overall and really usher in what’s supposed to be a cooler than average winter.  Much like last year this could pose a problem in terms of wintry precipitation, but again, it’s far too soon to tell.

In the coming days and weeks we will one again focus our attention on the coming winter weather threat.  We hope to bring some new changes and exciting new partnerships to the website and hope, much like you have in the past, will find out services useful.

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