Welcomed Rains Not Enough to Repair Damage Done

As I write this on Saturday morning, a band of showers is rolling across Iowa.  A sight not often seen here this summer.  After a couple rounds of rain, many areas desperate for a drink are finally beginning to look a little greener.  What’s NOT looking any greener is the latest drought map across Iowa.

That’s because what got us to this point was several months of below normal precipitation.  No one storm could realistically “kill” this drought for the state.  Where the rain has fallen, the drought conditions have eased, especially along the Highway 20 corridor in eastern Iowa.  But in other places, no one rain is going to get the ground back on track.


As you can see in the graphic above, extreme drought conditions are now reported in parts of central and western Iowa.  Those areas are highlighted in red above.  For much of Iowa, it’s unclear whether this drought will be broken over much of Iowa before the winter months.  If it is, it will provide a small sense of hope to area farmers who are enduring their second straight year of drought.  If not, we will enter the 2014 growing season, once again, facing a deficit of moisture. 

There’s no telling which way this will go.  What we do know is that in recent years we are seeing more extreme weather here in Iowa.  Floods, severe weather and drought have become more prevalent in recent years and it’s something that we may just have to accept as the new norm.  For now all we can do it just sit back and watch what happens.  This is one part of our lives that we have very little to say about what eventually happens to our home.

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