Weekend Storm Track Still Uncertain


We are now 3 days away from a major storm system moving through the central United States.  We know this storm will be a big one but we don’t know whether Iowa will see the worst of it.  As we inch closer to Saturday we’re seeing some of the models kind of fall in line with others.  So far, for Iowa at least, that might be a good thing.

Forecast models are beginning to trend towards a more southerly track for the storm system.  That would limit the amount of snowfall seen in Iowa, but it doesn’t mean the storm won’t cause any problems in the state over the weekend.

So let’s break this all down.  A low pressure system is expected to begin taking shape late Friday and into Saturday to the south of Iowa.  As this low strengthens, snow will develop over Iowa during the day on Saturday.  Several inches of snow remains possible, but some snow totals could be lessened if some of the precipitation falls as freezing rain or sleet during the event.  During all of this winds will increase leading to blowing snow and reduced visibilities.

Now I want to stress the storm could take a more northerly turn and leave Iowa with more significant snowfall, but at this time the forecast is beginning to lean towards the more southern route for this storm.  That’s good news for Iowa, but I want to remind you that any snowfall coupled with strong winds can seriously affect travel.  The next three days are crucial in determining a final track for this storm as its late development will leave many variables up in the air through Friday Night.  We’ll continue to monitor the latest model runs and bring you any updates throughout the week.

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