Weekend Snow Possible for Parts of Iowa

nam_namer_072_1000_500_thickWith continued fluctuations in the forecast models, my usual stresses about taking these runs with a grain of salt continues.  The only trouble now is we are getting closer to a possible snow event that could impact parts of the state in a matter of days. 

A slight shift in the track of a storm system set to enter the state on Saturday could bring measureable snowfall to portions of Iowa, especially the northwestern quadrant.  Any variation in the track of this storm system will greatly change this forecast.  But for now we’ll focus on what we’re looking at now.  As the storm system pulls through and drags down cold air from the north, we could see a changeover to snow in portions of northwest Iowa.

Accumulations, if any, should be on the light side.  Unless there’s a greater shift in the track of the storm system I don’t anticipate this to change as the air mass over Iowa remains very dry.  This will make it difficult for precipitation to reach the ground quickly.

gfs_namer_132_1000_500_thickLooking past this storm system, things still look quiet.  A large area of high pressure should keep the next storm system to affect the central United States to our south and east.  No major temperature swings and no major precipitation is in the offing as well.  So for now there are no signs of an early start to the winter weather here in Iowa.  Good to hear for travelers preparing to head out for the kickoff to the holiday season, Thanksgiving and Black Friday travel.

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