Warm Today, Cold Tomorrow

Iowa Wind Chills

IMG_20141129_155318555_HDRHope everyone is having a great holiday and holiday weekend. I know things have been busy around the house here getting all of the Christmas decorations up. The smell of fresh pine is in the air! We have been peaking in every now and then on the weather and trying to answer any of your questions you have left us on our Facebook and Twitter pages. It is time to get back in the swing of things now and update you on what to expect in the week ahead, and giving you a warning, I wish we could put today on repeat.

Iowa High Temperatures

High Temperatures

After being spoiled with temperatures that were 15 to near 30 degrees above average today, tomorrow we will be taking a nose dive south. Today the biggest warm up occured across extreme southwest Iowa. This is where temperatures warmed up near 70 degrees! The rest of the state ranged from the mid 40’s to the lower 60’s. You can’t complain about today when we should be in the 30’s to lower 40’s. If you enjoyed today and aren’t ready for the cold, then we suggest you stop reading right here.

24 Temperature ChangeIf you continued to read, thank you, however, we warned you. 24 hours from the 4pm hour, our temperatures will be 20 to 40 degrees cooler. A strong cold front will move across the state Sunday and our temperatures will be dropping throughout the day. Our high temperatures will be reached in the morning since our temperatures will continue to fall throughout the day.

Iowa Wind GustsBehind the front, a strong northwest wind will be picking up. Winds will be gusting up to 30mph on Sunday. Winds will remain below advisory criteria so a wind advisory will not be issued, but objects will blow around.

Iowa Wind ChillsWith temperatures falling into the lower teens, and a strong northwest wind, wind chills will be falling below zero. If you plan on heading out Sunday afternoon, make sure you bundle up as it will be a rude awakening from what we had today. Highs on Monday will warm up into the lower teens to lower 20’s across the state. Winds will remain breezy Monday morning, so wind chills will still be a factor. By Monday afternoon, the winds will begin to decrease in strength making it feel a little warmer.

Iowa Highs TuesdayTuesday we will begin to warm things back up a bit with temperatures in the upper 20’s to mid 30’s. Our next weather maker will be on Thursday and this will bring a chance of some light snow. Any snowfall accumulation will be very light with accumulations under an inch, so nothing that will have a great impact.

Zach Sharpe

My name is Zach Sharpe. I am the president and forecaster for the Iowa Storm Chasing Network. You can find me on Twitter @Stormchaserzach and on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/stormchaserzach/

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