VIEW FROM BELOW: My Shot of the Moon

There hasn’t been a whole lot of weather to speak of.  Things are quiet, temperatures are warming and our snowpack is melting.  So I thought I would refresh the site tonight with a photo I shot earlier this month and decided to share with you.

This is a picture of the Moon.  I want to tell you this took a lot of work but it really didn’t.  With the help of my dSLR camera and a strong telephoto lens I snapped this image after about five minutes of trial and error with the correct manual settings.

I was amazed at the detail my little camera could make out of an exceptionally bright moon. It is one of my favorite pictures in recent memory and really gave me something to do during this storm chasing off-season.

Every now and then we catch ourselves just looking up at the moon, it’s easy to do.  I’m just glad on this particular night I was able to capture the moment with my lens.


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