Video of EF-4 Tornado in Mississippi Saturday

Storm chasers from all over the country tracked the storms that affected the southeastern US on Saturday.  At least 10 people died.  Of the 14 tornadoes confirmed so far, the largest struck a number of cities including Yazoo City, MS.  The EF-4 tornado was nearly 2 miles wide at its peak.  The video to the left comes from

Their storm chasers captured the monsterous wedge tornado before it hit the town and stopped in Yazoo City right after the tornado struck to help with the rescue effort.

It highlights one key point of storm chasing.  Although tracking tornadoes is something we all try and do, when people are possibly trapped, the attention turns to the preservation of life and not getting “the shot.” It’s one thing to remember for all storm chasers if and when a tornado strikes a populated area.

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