UntitledAt 10:29am, emergency managers reported the failure of the Lake Delhi Dam.  The clock is now ticking for people in the path of the flood wave in Hopkinton and Monticello.  People in the potentially affected areas must evacuate AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Further updates as they’re available.

It will take these flood waters one hour to reach the town of Hopkinton and just over 5 hours to reach the city of Monticello.  That puts the crest in Hopkinton at around 11:30 this morning and in Monticello around 4:00pm.  Huge areas of both towns would flood because of the dam failure. This is a VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION and those in the path of the flood waters need to take all precautions NOW to get out of its way.  We’ll bring you more updates here as they become available.

If you see any flooding and are in a safe position.  Send your photos to [email protected]

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