UPDATE: Scope of Wintry Blanket Grows

Untitled For days now we’ve been following the progress of a storm system as it made its way onto shore and is now bearing down on the Upper Midwest.  There are new indications that a slight shift in the track of this storm system coupled with a refined look at its intensity is changing the snowfall totals we expect, especially for eastern Iowa.

Bottom line, for Iowa, it looks like almost everywhere will see a significant amount of snow and I expect to see Winter Storm Warnings issued for most if not all of the state over the next 4-12 hours.

There is already snow falling over portions of Kansas this afternoon.  This initial band of snow is not expected to reach Iowa, but will greatly increase snowfall totals in the Kansas area.  For Iowa, the snow should hold off until late morning on Thursday when the snow bands make their way in from the south.  The heaviest bands should fall during the afternoon and evening hours across the state.

After a few hours of light snow on the back side of this storm system, the snowfall totals in the graphic above should ring true.  Although these totals may be a bit overdone, I think the entire state faces the prospects of 4”-7” of snow with southern and western portions of Iowa facing the greatest risk of double-digit snowfall totals.  Isolated reports of more than a foot are certainly possible.

Regardless of what happens, we plan on having full coverage of this event tomorrow.  Check back for regular updates on the storm’s progress, and live video from central and eastern Iowa as the snow falls.

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