Update on Early Week Storm System

All eyes continue to be on the potential for a large storm system to impact the upper Midwest early next week. The models are slowing this system down, so it is looking like caucus night will not be impacted. It will not be until Tuesday that the snow will begin to fall.


The models are beginning to lock in and are coming in agreement with one another, which is rather impressive still being 6 days out. The models are tracking a low across central Missouri up to the northeast into western Illinois. To the northwest of this low, is where the heaviest snow will fall. Since the models do seem to be in agreement, confidence is beginning to increase. Moderate to heavy snowfall rates will be possible during the afternoon and on into the evening hours Tuesday.

Winds will be strong as the low continues off to the northeast. In the image above, the isobars are very close together, which will yield very strong winds. Wind gusts Tuesday into Wednesday will be approaching 40 to 50-mph. This will lead to travel issues as visibilities will be greatly reduced.

While it is still early to be throwing out snowfall totals, as it is still possible for the track and intensity of storm to change, heavy snowfall totals will be possible across northwest Iowa, or a line from Omaha to Mason City. This is where the Weather Prediction Center has outlined and area of 70% to 90%.

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Zach Sharpe

My name is Zach Sharpe. I am the president and forecaster for the Iowa Storm Chasing Network. You can find me on Twitter @Stormchaserzach and on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/stormchaserzach/

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