CATASTROPHE: Hundreds Dead After Tornado Outbreak of a Generation

Last night many went to bed hearing that dozens had died in a massive tornado outbreak across many states to the south and east of Iowa.  This morning we now know the scope of the devastation is far worse.  More than 270 people were killed and the number is still growing as more victims are pulled from the rubble.  Powerful storms tore through states such as Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas and others.

The worst hit area was Alabama where more than 180 are confirmed dead.  Once again, the number is expected to rise in the coming days.

The most photographed tornado is likely the one that tore through portions of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  There are reports out this morning that this particular tornado may have been on the ground for an extremely long time.  The exact details of this tornado and dozens of others won’t be known for days.

This is an inconceivable disaster, but it was well forecasted.  The Storm Prediction Center warned of a major tornado outbreak, even posting a rare high risk.  What’s especially frightening about this amount of death and destruction was this occurred despite ample warning that dangerous weather was about to strike.

Had such an outbreak occurred 20 years ago, the death toll might be much higher.  For now there’s not much left to say but offer our thoughts and prayers to areas hit by this historic outbreak of severe weather.  It’s hard to imagine the impact these tornadoes had on hundreds of communities throughout the southern and eastern United States.  When all is totaled up, the damage will easily reach the billions of dollars and could also rival some of the most destructive hurricanes to hit the U.S.

We’ll continue to monitor the latest developments to our south and bring you more information throughout the day and the coming days as the full scope of this disaster becomes more clear.

If you would like to help in the recovery process, I would urge you to donate to the American Red Cross by clicking here.

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