UPDATE: Major Shift in Forecasted Track

Have you been hoping our next winter storm would go away? Well, you may get your wish. A radical shift in nearly every forecast model today means most of the state will escape the heavy snow, if not the entire state. The new forecast pushes the storm further to the south, limiting the amount of moisture that makes it into Iowa on Friday and Saturday.

You can see in the graphic to the left that forecasted totals have dropped significantly in the last 24 hours. When all is said and done, many parts of the state could stay dry. Cold air expected to rush in on the back side of the storm system is not that impressive. Blowing and drifting of any snow that falls, especially in the western third of the state, still needs to be monitored.

With all of this in mind, the National Weather Service has scaled back on it’s Winter Storm Watch, focusing primarily on southwest Iowa. That’s where the greatest threat of measurable snowfall still exists. Heavy snow is now a very tough sell right now, but will still monitor the situation over the next 24 hour in case, once again, we see another change in this storm’s track.

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