Uncertainty Reigns Supreme as Thanksgiving Nears

nam_slp_072mThere remains a lot of uncertainty in the forecast for the Thanksgiving holiday and the impact it might have on travel plans.  The current thinking is the eastern half of Iowa is in the clear when it comes to ice and snow wreaking havoc.  But for central and western Iowa the picture isn’t quite as clear.  Differences in model runs continue, both in placement and timing of a storm system set to pass through the Upper Midwest Wednesday and Thursday.

Current thinking is that the low will pass somewhere over eastern or central Iowa.  Leaving most of the state in the warm sector of the storm and keeping precip in rain form.  As the storm moves out on Thursday, some wrap around sleet or snow showers are possible, but no major accumulations are expected.  The weather picture for northwest Iowa is a lot less clear.  After two rounds of freezing drizzle, this is the part of the state most at risk for winter precipitation.

As usual, all of this is conditional.  Any change in the path of this developing storm system, would greatly change the forecast for any given point in the state.  Looking beyond Iowa, people traveling north to Minnesota are the ones that really need to watch this storm.  Most areas of Minnesota face the threat of snow during the holiday which, of course, would greatly impact travel conditions in the land of 10,000 lakes.

We’ll continue to monitor any potential changes in the storm’s track and bring you updates here as soon as they are available. 

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