Troubling Signs on the Horizon


The great drought of 2012 has taken hold over much of the U.S. Already, more than half of the country is experiencing drought conditions and it’s getting worse with each passing day.  The graphic above is another sign of the troubling trend climatologists are seeing for the corn belt.

The image is a short-range forecast for drought conditions.  The light brown loosely indicates moderate drought, the darker brown is a sign of severe drought and the red, over much of eastern Iowa, indicates EXTREME drought.  This is possibly what is heading our way and soon.  You can see states such as Illinois, where crops are already being lost, is in much worse shape.  Along with Indiana, those states could face an EXCEPTIONAL drought situation.

What’s more troubling about all this, is climatologists fear this drought will stretch longer than a year, similar to the events in 1988.  Something to keep in mind as crops are lost and, as a result, many food prices increase,

Tomorrow, we’ll get an update on the current drought conditions and we’ll bring that to you first thing in the morning.

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