Tornadoes Leave Damage Path in Eastern Iowa

As I said yesterday, I want to apologize to those who regularly log onto this site for the lack of information during yesterday’s severe weather event.  I was away all day and most of today because of personal events that I couldn’t get away from.  I try to prevent this from happening as much as possible but this weekend there was no way out.

So to move on, I want to touch base quickly on yesterday’s events.  A line of showers and thunderstorm developed across the state, slowly making their way south and east.  For several hours the storm produced no severe weather.  But as they entered a more favorable atmosphere in extreme eastern Iowa, things really ramped up quickly.

The first and strongest tornado touched down in Jackson County on the north side of Maquoketa around 7:40pm.  The 150yard wide tornado was on the ground for just a few minutes, traveling just over 2 miles.  But in that short time the twister uprooted trees and severely damaged several structures. 

Maquoketa20100605 If you click on the picture to the right, you can see the damage path this tornado took along the northern edge of Maquoketa.  Most of the reported damage rated the tornado at the bottom of the scale.  But meteorologists surveying the damage found scattered cases of EF-1 damage.  That puts this particular tornado’s top wind speed at around 105mph.

A second tornado touched down 20 minutes later northeast of Goose Lake.  This tornado caused minimal damage and was rated an EF-0 with winds of 75mph.  As the storm system moved east is caused much more havoc on the other side of the Mississippi. 

The National Weather Service in the Quad Cities also examined a tornado damage path through the town Magnolia, IL.  The NWS rated the tornado a high end EF-2 with winds up to 135mph.  The storm system continued on its way to the east causing even more damage.  7 people died in the storms that moved through Ohio.

All in all a relatively active Saturday for severe weather.  Despite the three reported tornadoes in Iowa, there was very little in the way of severe weather reports.  The bulk of the action stayed east of Iowa. 

Tomorrow morning, we’ll examine our next chances for severe weather, beginning Monday in western Iowa.

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