TORNADO UPDATE: First Survey Completed by NWS

tripoli The first survey completed by the National Weather Service in Des Moines of damage in Bremer County last night shows the power of tornadoes and straight line winds.

Meteorologist surveyed destroyed farm buildings and damaged home 2-4 miles west of Tripoli.  They determined an EF-1 tornado with winds of around 100mph destroyed a vacant farm building around 2:18am Wednesday morning.  The tornado was just 35 yards wide and was on the ground for just 300 yards. 

This is the kind of brief tornado that can touch down inside a storm producing primarily straight line winds.  Those non-tornado winds in places also reached 100mph last night, but over a slightly larger area causing more damage.

Straight line winds further west of Tripoli damaged 3 homes and destroyed an old barn.  Still, this is not a widespread wind or tornado report which is great news.  The even better news was that no one was hurt in this storm.

We hope to hear more from the National Weather Service in the hours ahead as they survey more damage in their forecast area.   There were a number of tornadoes reported in north central Iowa, but it’s unclear at this time what information the NWS can get.  That depends on whether any of these tornadoes caused any damage.

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