Tornado Threat for Great Plains Thursday


It’s not the biggest threat, but it could be worth watching if you know someone living in the Great Plains.  Forecasters are monitoring areas of western Nebraska and Kansas for severe thunderstorm development on Thursday.

The Storm Prediction Center is also stretching the risk area all the way down to the Oklahoma panhandle and northern Texas as well.  The environment in this area should be quite favorable for supercell development especially during the late afternoon hours.  Tornadoes are possible with any development and a strong tornado or two cannot be ruled out.  If you know anyone in this area or you are logging on to our website from this part of the country, it would be a very good idea to keep up to date on the latest information throughout the day tomorrow.

We’ll have an update on the threat facing the Great Plains Thursday morning and will monitor the latest out of this area throughout the day tomorrow.

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