Tornado Outbreak Misses Iowa

today.gif This is certainly not the year to be living in places like Arkansas.  After a lot of talk about a tornado threat in Iowa Friday, the tornadoes ended up striking well to our south, as 20 tornadoes were reported across a number of states.

The hardest hit area on Friday was Arkansas, where at least one person was killed at another two dozen were injured by a tornado outbreak.  Undoubtedly the National Weather Service in Arkansas will fan out today to survey the damage and determine how strong these storms were.

So what happened? With such a strong risk for tornadoes why didn’t that threat materialize?  Simply put… timing.  While the setup was there, the timing was not.  The cold front responsible for eastern Iowa’s storms moved through the area several hours earlier than first thought.  This caused storms to develop early and not get the kind of structure they could have had if the atmosphere was given more time to destabilize.  That’s what happened to our south and northeast and that’s where the tornadoes were.

day1otlk_1200 As for the people of Arkansas, they’re not out of the woods yet, not by a long shot.  After a seemingly never ending night of storms, the area faces a new threat again today.  A moderate risk is already posted for parts of Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.

And it doesn’t end there.  Arkansas and points east faces another threat tomorrow before the storm system finally pushes east.  As for Iowa, things look relatively quiet with no major storms in the immediate future.  That means we’ll have to go back to finding other things to talk about here on the blog.  In the meantime we’ll monitor the situation to our south and share any photos and video of the severe weather we find. 

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