Tornado, Large Hail Invade Greater Twin Cities Area

lsrWith the head piling on Iowa, the warm front responsible for our muggy conditions is now in Minnesota causing all kinds of problems.  You can see in the graphic to the left the reports of large hail and the tornado that reportedly caused some isolated structural damage.  Storms also tried to fire along a line into northern parts of Iowa.  But the atmospheric cap, a bubble of warm air aloft that prevents thunderstorms from developing, was too strong for the storms to overcome.  As a result, Iowa stayed relatively high and dry.  There was one hail report just north of our border with Minnesota.

110510101237_twins_hail_target_field_640The biggest story from this storm tonight was the hail up to the size of tennis balls that fell across central Minnesota. Take a look at the image to the right, this was taken at Target Field, where the Minnesota Twins had to suspend their game in the 4th inning as the severe storm moved in.  You can see the hail that collected on the field.  The Twins later resumed their game Tuesday Night.

Our Ben McMillan was chasing these storms as they moves through the greater Twin Cities area.  We hope to get back in touch with him soon and will share any information or pictures he may have captured tonight.  Otherwise we plan to update tomorrow’s severe weather threat coming up in the morning.  For now I hope all of you manage to stay cool tonight!

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