Tornado All But Wipes Small Iowa Town Off the Map

Of the more than 100 tornadoes reported in the U.S. last night, there are two communities here in Iowa that learned all too well the terrible damage this tornado outbreak caused. We begin in far western Iowa in the town of Thurman. There, the Mayor tells KETV in Omaha that 90% of the small town was wiped out by a tornado. At least 100 people are now homeless, but the amazing part of this story is that nobody was killed.

Fortunately, this appears to be a sign that early warning did work and that people were able to seek shelter and stay safe from the storm. Even so there’s a lot of cleanup in the tiny town as well as in the town of Creston today.

Below is the video KETV has posted of the damage.

Mayor: 90 Percent Of Thurman Damaged – Omaha News Story – KETV Omaha.

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