THURSDAY: Threat Shifts East, Some Questions Remain


In this afternoon’s update on the severe weather threat for tomorrow, the Storm Prediction Center has gone ahead and expanded the risk area into much of central and eastern Iowa.  Although this change is due to growing confidence regarding tomorrow’s severe weather threat, the greatest chance for widespread severe weather will be further to the north in central and northern Wisconsin.

This is the area where a storm center will serve as the focal point for severe weather to develop.  As for areas further south in Iowa, a cold front will pass through.  There is a lot of uncertainty regarding the severe weather threat in Iowa because of the ability of the front to sustain severe thunderstorms.  Even so, the threat is there, and at the very least an isolated severe storm or two is looking increasingly likely.

We’ll continue to monitor this threat as well as additional threats as we head into the Memorial Day Weekend.  Read more about those threats by clicking here.

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