THURSDAY: The Chase Begins Again

risk 1

It’s not something that we’ve done for several weeks, even months.  But today a significant threat of severe weather has activated our chase team.  Storm chaser Ben McMillan will lead his team into the area we’re watching most closely.  He will start his day in Omaha and likely work his way west depending on where severe thunderstorm development begins.

You can see the risk area above covers portions of both Iowa and Nebraska.  At this time, with the exception of far western Iowa, it appears the greatest threat for the state will come in the form of large hail and strong damaging winds, especially later tonight.

tor 1

As we take a look at the graphic above, which shows the specific tornado risk area for today, you can see the focus shifts west, to Omaha and points west.  This is the area that Ben and his team will focus their attention on today.  This threat, although good, is also conditional.  Forecasters expect a strong cap to prevent thunderstorms from developing this afternoon.  But, when and if they can overcome that block, explosive thunderstorm development would take place and the area highlighted by the brown circle is where the best parameters will be in place for torandic development.

As always, Ben will be bringing you his chase LIVE as it happens.  You can follow his progress from our LIVE COVERAGE page later today.  And be sure to check back for updates on our Facebook page!

For more on tomorrow’s threat, which could impact a larger area of Iowa, click here.

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