THURSDAY: Severe Threat Spreads East


Once again, we are face with a fair amount of uncertainty this morning over tomorrow’s threat for severe weather.  It’s expected that storms will be limited in their ability to develop, especially over areas of Iowa.  But further to the north and east, a greater risk exists with a low pressure center that should serve as the focal point for severe thunderstorm development.

As a result, the Storm Prediction Center is focusing on Wisconsin Thursday afternoon and evening.  A cold front will be draped across that state and it will stretch further south across Iowa as well.  But the best forcing will be in Wisconsin where storms will stand a better chance of reaching severe limits.

There is a possibility closer to the evening hours we could see some back-building of storms along that cold front, but at this time those chances appear small, as this cold front is rather weak and likely incapable of breaking through over a large enough area to produce a widespread outbreak.

Even so, there are plenty of other threats that need to be closely monitored over the coming days, to read on about threats entering the holiday weekend, click here.

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