Thunderstorms May Return Tonight, No Severe Weather Expected

day1probotlk_1630_windA weak storm system will travel across Iowa tonight and into the day tomorrow.  As you can see in the graphic to the left, there is little if any chance for severe weather in the Upper Midwest.  The 5% risk you see listed on the graphic in Nebraska and South Dakota is for a minor hail threat.  Showers and thunderstorms that develop to our west could make their way into Iowa later tonight and continue through tomorrow. 

However at this time it does not appear any major weather problems can be expected.  Some showers will linger on Saturday as the storm system brings cooler conditions (once again) to Iowa.  This pattern has held over the state for weeks but there are indications that we will finally see a more permanent warm up in the weeks ahead.  As we head into May there’s little doubt that more chances for showers and thunderstorms will come with it.

But for now, no major problems for this weekend outside of some nuisance showers and thunderstorms.

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