Threat Returns This Weekend


If you’re wondering why we haven’t had any updates in recent days, the answer is simple, I took an extended vacation away from Iowa.  It was well worth it and a very relaxing time (mostly).  In fact, I have a rather embarrassing story to tell as a chaser, but we’ll get into that at another time.  For now I wanted to briefly touch on this weekend’s threat over the Upper Midwest, primarily on Sunday.

The graphic above is the highlighted risk area over the region Sunday afternoon and evening.  A storm system centered well to the north in Canada brings with it a cold front which will push across the area, bringing the threat of severe thunderstorm development.  The closer to the storm’s center, the greater the risk.  With a rather hot and muggy atmosphere in place over Iowa, storms will have a lot of energy to play with once they get going.

At this time this appears to be a rather classic summertime system.  Very warm and unstable air ahead of the system and a large cold front racing through.  This will likely bring a threat of strong winds and large hail.  An isolated tornado or two is possible as well, but the threat is not all that high for this area.

We’ll continue to monitor the latest coming from the Storm Prediction Center and we hope to bring you a couple more posts later today/tonight as we play catch-up and share some of our adventures over the past week.

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