THIS Is Spring in Iowa???


Did you step outside this morning?  I sure didn’t.  It is a frigid start to Mother’s Day.  Much of the Upper Midwest started the day under a freeze watch or warning as some areas threatened to dip below 30 degrees.

Of course this weather is not very condusive to severe weather development in Iowa and that doesn’t look to change for some time.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any threats of severe weather for other parts of the Midwest.  An outbreak of strong storms is possible to start the work week.

day2otlk_0600 The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK has posted a large slight risk and a small moderate for areas south of Iowa on Monday. This is the first real organized threat for severe weather in a few days.

Despite some uncertainty in the forecast, storm chasers south of Iowa could enjoy one of the better days of the season so far.  The SPC is advising of the threat of long track tornadoes in the eastern Kansas and northeastern Oklahoma areas.

day48prob This same area falls under an extended risk of severe weather already for Wednesday.  It looks to be an active week to the south, but here in Iowa we get the boring part of these storm systems.

Rain is expected for the state over much of the week.  As storm systems cycle through to our south, cold rains will fall over Iowa.  Temperatures will struggle to make it into the 60’s which is better than this weekend but still slightly below normal for this time of year.

Of course we don’t expect this to last forever and eventually Iowa will warm up and threats for severe weather will increase.  I’m happy to report we’re about to welcome a new member to our team that will greatly enhance our severe weather coverage and bring you more real time information.  More on that later today….

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