The Morning After: View From a Snowed In House

DSC03026To the right you can see what I woke up to at 4:30 this morning. Now four hours later, the roads are not plowed yet and we are stuck.  That is to be expected after more than a foot of snow fell over a large portion of eastern Iowa.  To see all of our photos from this storm, go to our facebook fan page.

Crews are still working to clear areas roads with many drifted shut.  Travel remains nearly impossible over much of Iowa this morning and it will be some time before road crews can clear a path everywhere.  If you joined us during our live coverage last night you saw storm chaser Dan Gottschalk come across at least two vehicles stranded along Highway 30.  Fortunately for those people, road crews were able to tow them out and carve a path for them to get out.  Many others were not so lucky.

Local authorities along with state transportation and the National Guard conducted many rescues overnight in cases where people’s lives were threatened.  It was a very dangerous situation and it remains so today.  The best advice this morning is to be patient and allow road crews to get their work done, they have a long week ahead of them.

Remember if you have photos of the storm, you can submit them by emailing us at [email protected]

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