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What a wild Wednesday it has been. Many of us were awaken to the sound of rain and thunder early this morning. In some places, the rain was coming down in buckets. I checked my rain gauge after the rain came to a stop this afternoon and there was 4″ of water in my rain gauge just on the southwest side of Des Moines. The majority of this rain fell in only a couple of hours. There were also a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings this morning due to the threat of hail.  A few reports of hail from the size of quarters to the size of golf balls were recorded this morning. A few of these storms even knocked out power. At last check at 3:30pm, the majority of these customers have been restored.

The heaviest of the rain fell near the Des Moines metro. This is where as much as 3 to 5 inches of rain fell. The rain continues to move east along the warm front this afternoon. This warm front will continue to lift to the north this afternoon and evening. Because of this, this evening will be mostly cloudy with a chance of an isolated shower and thunderstorm across the south, while the chance of rain will remain across northern Iowa near the warm front.

Iowa Heat Indices

The heat and sun will return tomorrow. Temperatures will quickly warm up into the lower 90s on Thursday. However, dew points will be in the low 70s, which will make temperatures feel like the triple digits. Many kids have returned to school already, so the schools that do not have air conditioning, may let out early tomorrow due to the heat.

The heat will be sticking around for Friday and Saturday with more heat indices near the triple digits, before we finally get  a break in the heat by Sunday. If you will be out in the heat these next few days, make sure to drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks to avoid heat stroke.

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