The Cold Just Won’t Let Go

Map_of_tornadoes_in_the_March_1990_tornado_outbreak KCRG-TV 9’s Justin Gehrts wrote a great blog today about one of the biggest tornado outbreaks in state history… and it was in March!  20 years ago today, the tornado outbreak dropped 14 tornadoes in Iowa.  Including an F4 near Worthington.  Could this year produce a similar winter season storm in Iowa?  Absolutely not.

Taking a look at the extended weather pattern, things will remain somewhat active in the Upper Midwest.  But for Iowa, it appears the cold air will not stray too far.

gfs_850_204m Taking a look at the extended forecast models, Iowa will see some warm days.  But with each low that moves through the central U.S., it brings cold air still prevalent in Canada.  Now we shouldn’t see any extreme cold or below freezing days (as of now), but it will certainly keep us on the cool side of most systems, preventing any strong chances of severe development.

DSC00498 While I’m eager to get back out on the road and track some storms, I do appreciate the fact it looks like we’ll get a little more time to prepare for the season.  Unlike the past 10 years, I won’t be chasing in my personal vehicle.  Instead, we’re deploying a Jeep specially loaded with storm chasing equipment.

It’s a fantastic step forward, and hopefully it will greatly improve our coverage of severe weather.  In the days to come I hope to share more photos of our new tools and also plan to blog from the upcoming Central Iowa Severe Storms Conference in Des Moines.  Stay Tuned!

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