The Autumn Wind… Came Blowing In

UntitledA crazy week of weather in store after a month of relative tranquility here in Iowa.  A high wind watch is in effect for much of the state one of the strongest low pressure systems in decades makes its way across the central United States.   You can see the counties affected highlighted in brown in the map to the left.  The storm could produce tremendous wind gusts to the north of Iowa.  Here gusts could top the 60mph mark over the coming hours.  Winds at that speed can cause damage like a severe thunderstorm so it’s something we need to keep a close eye on.

day1otlk_1300There is also a threat for severe weather later this evening.  The Storm Prediction Center has posted a slight risk for areas of eastern Iowa.  A squall line of strong to severe thunderstorms is expected to develop later today.  With the current cloud cover and moisture levels, I don’t expect anything widespread but with the power of this storm system, strong wind gusts will not be hard to produce and should be expected regardless of the intensity of the storms.

We’ll monitor the situation but at this time I don’t expect any major coverage later today.  Saturday’s storms did not pan out as feared and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar scenario today.  Best advice today is stay tunes and hang onto your hats!

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